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Arts & Culture

The Medina : the andalusian city

With the Almohade Dynasty (XII Century) the Rabat site is going to start a continuous extraordinary historical journey full of radiance and activity. This, however, did not prevent the city from going through a phase decline, as of 1253, with the advent of the dynasty of Almoravids who had chosen the city of Fez for a capital. In 1609, the Moriscos who were chased away from Spain during the Reconquista started arriving massively in Rabat, which gave the City a new lease of life. The new comers occupied the present location of the Medina which they endowed with a new enclosure they would henceforth call «the Andalusian Wall », and which took the name of the new Sala (Salé) .. In 1912, Rabat became the Capital City of the Kingdom of Morocco, and Marshal Lyautey, the first Resident Genearal, made of it the administrative and political capital of the Protectorate. With the architect and urbanist Henri Prost, the two men performed most of the new part of the city (ville nouvelle) both within and without the Yaacoub El Mansour confines in the Medina continuum.

City of Rabat

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