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Visit Rabat Maroc

Cultural experiences

Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, a region with many advantages. Rabat "Cultural Capital of the Kingdom" Distinguished by UNESCO as a modern capital and historical city, World Heritage Site with 20 centuries of history to tell you!

Hassan Tower

The Hassan Tower is considered as the symbol of Rabat, it is one of the most famous sites of the kingdom. The Hassan tower remains the only vestige of what was to be, at the instigation of the Almohad sultan Yacoub Al Mansour (12th century), the largest mosque in the Muslim world. This oversized project was not going to survive, at the death of the latter, in the year 1199,...

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Mohammed V Mausoleum

Right in front of the Hassan Tower stands the mausoleum Mohammed V, a monument of unparalleled beauty. Its construction began in 1962 and ended in 1971. This monument is dedicated to the memory of the late monarch Mohammed V, beloved by the people who have always considered the symbol of the Liberation of the Nation. In the mausoleum one can also see the tomb of his successor, Fire Hassan II...

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The Chellah

Built in the XIV Century by the Merinid dynasty upon the ruin of the ancient Roman city of Sala Colonia, the Chellah necropolis is located at a distance of two kilometers from the city center, off the Almohad enclosure. According to historians and archeologists, the Chellah site was undoubtedly the most ancient human agglomeration ever set on the estuary of the Bouregreg River. For proof, one can allude to the...

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Borj Adoumoue

Literally “bastion of tears”, it lies next to the mausoleum of Sidi Ben Achir. Named also Scala Al Qadima, Borj al Caïd, Borj al Hassani, it is a former bastion that dominated the mouth of the Bouregreg. Raised in the place of an ancient fortification, it was restored by A. Fennich, who replaced the stones of the Qasba Gnaoua he had just demolished, hence the name of Borj Addoumoue. The...

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The Andalusian Wall

The wall of the Andalusians delimits the southern part of the Medina. When it was built at the beginning of the seventeenth century, it bordered the part where the Moriscan refugees settled in the southern part of the future Almohad city, which was actually uninhabited and consisted only of fields ². More than 1.4 km long, the height of the wall varies between 4.9 m and 5.5 m for an...

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Bab Lamrissa

An emblematic monument of Salé, Bab Lamrissa, also called Bab Mellah, is a fortified gate dating back to the 13th century. Former sea gate, it is one of the main gates of the current wall of the medina of Salé and has the most impressive size. It is one of the two monumental gates of an old maritime warfare apparatus, built between 1260 and 1270 by the Merinids. Its construction...

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