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Exotic gardens of Bouknadel

Some green again with exotic Bouknadel gardens 20 km from Rabat, on the road to Kenitra. Dedicated to plants from all over the world, it offers five educational circuits to learn about biodiversity, waste management and recycling, forests and soil protection, as well as water and ecological gardening. Created in 1952 by the French horticultural engineer Marcel François on an area of 4 and a half hectares, he wanted to put the result of his discoveries of exotic plants from all over the world, a dream that became reality for this engineer, who loved Morocco since his youth. It’s located on the National Road of Kenitra, 20 kilometers from Rabat, and 10 kilometers from Salé. After the death of Marcel, the garden suffered 20 years of abandonment, before his family decided to rebuild his work and remodel it. It houses several exotic plants imported from several countries, you will find several types of places categorized as Polynesia, Congo, Mexico, South Asia, Peru, Brazil, West Indies, shrub Savannah, Green ravine. It is among the most beautiful gardens in Morocco, and you should definitely visit it and let yourself be carried away by its plants sublime and bizarre at the same time. Several cultures are present in the gardens: Japanese, Chinese and Andalusian. The vivarium: You can find snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians, scorpions, tarantulas, etc., in an unusual setting. The vivarium of Bouknadel Exotic Gardens invites the visitors to discover the secret life of reptiles, the strangeness of their habits and the variety of their species presented in conditions close to their natural environment.

Les jardins exotiques de Bouknadel - route de Kénitra

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