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The Kasbah of Oudayas is a city in the city, a little apart in Rabat, today even more than yesterday.

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Bab El Kebir

The Bab El Kebir gate was built in 1150 by the Caliph Abdelmoumen and is one of the jewels of the Almohad architecture. 38.60 m long, 16 m wide and 13 m high, this gate consists of three rooms that follow each other in succession.


The Semaphore platform

The Semaphore platform offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach of Rabat.


Moorish Cafe

One cannot mention the Oudayas without speaking of the Moorish cafe and its superb panorama, from its terrace on the circular Promontory. It is true that the recent works on Bouregreg and the construction of unsightly concrete buildings of Bab el Bahr, on the other side of the river, have considerably damaged the beauty of the panorama.


The Oudayas garden

The Oudayas garden is a garden in the hispano-Moorish style, henceforth called the Andalusian garden, is a pure artifact, in the 1920s, by Tranchant De Lunel, the favorite architect of Lyautey, who had the idea of creating this garden at the foot of the Kasbah des Oudayas Palace, an ancient residence of the Alawite sultans during their stay in Rabat.


National Museum of Jewelry

The museum was set up in the ancient pavilions erected under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail (1672-1727) to serve as a place of residence in Rabat. By its architecture, décor and garden, the building constitutes a masterpiece in itself. The museum was established there in 1915. It includes clothing collections representing several regions of the country.



The Sqala of Rabat is a vast military monument with canons. It is a large platform with a trapezoidal plan, bounded on the North-East and west sides by a parapet in which 22 doorways exist (14 to the north, 5 to the East and 3 to the West).


Borj Es-Sirat/ Lighthouse

It is a vast, regular trapeze whose sides are respectively 76.90m and 46.65m. To access it, you have to cross a longitudinal ramp measuring 25m long and 4m wide, solidly built which connects the yard to the access door.

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