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Visit Rabat Maroc



From Bab El Had to Place Souk Laghzel passing through the street of consuls, the tour "in the heart of the Medina" invites you to a unique promenade in Rabat’s old medina.

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Bab El Had Square

The Bab El Had gate is part of the Almohad wall, built towards the end of the 12th century by Yaacoub El Mansour. “El Had” means in Arabic “the edge of the sword” (7ad Essayf). This gate was so named because it was in front of it that murderers were executed by beheading with the sword.


Marinid Fountain

The Marinid fountain is located on Souika street, it dates from the Marinid era (13th-15th century).


Great Mosque

This mosque, built by the Marinids in the 14th century, is located on Souika Street.


Bab Chellah Library

Located on Chellah Avenue-near the Great Mosque, it was established in 1933 by the Habous Department. It is one of the oldest public libraries in the Kingdom, and has a modern, rich and multilingual collection of books. The Bab Chellah library currently specializes in the history of Morocco.


Souk Es Sebbat

This souk, located between the Great Mosque and Bab el Bahr, crosses the consuls street. Recently restored, it specializes in leather goods and jewelry.


Fondouk Lihoudi

Located on the consuls street, it is an ancient caravanserai, whose current activity is handicrafts.


Fondouk Ben Aissa of Leather

An ancient caravanserai, this fondouk was built in the 17th century by the daughter of Minister Ben Aïcha, under the reign of Moulay Ismaïl. It has 36 shops on the ground floor opening on a gallery, with 36 rooms for accommodation upstairs.


Souk Tahti (Carpets souk)

The Consuls street or souk Tahti is the traditional souk of the city of Rabat close to the Kasbah of Oudayas and the quays. It took its name from the fact that the foreign diplomats resided there and this in order to negotiate with the corsairs the purchase of the captives who were resold in Souk El Ghazal square. Renovated in 2019, it is a place for walking and shopping in the stalls full of handicrafts including Rabat carpet.


Kasbah of Oudayas view

About fifteen minutes (by foot) from the center of Rabat, at the left mouth of the Bouregreg stands a fortress dating from the twelfth century: the kasbah Oudayas. With its monumental Almohad gate, the kasbah remains a striking site offering visitors an unprecedented beauty …


Souk El Ghzel Square

This square is in the middle of the street of the consuls, there is held there every Thursday an auction of the carpets made by artisans of the Region.


Hadj Daoui Street

It is the main artery of the residential area. It opens on the esplanade of Oudayas.


Dar El Mrini

Dar Lamrini is located at 1, rue Belgnaoui north of the medina and overlooks the street Sqayat Balmakki by its main door. It is one of the oldest houses in the medina which has become a public establishment and has been used as a reception, show and conference room since 2008.


Sidi Fateh Street

Intramuros, this street is parallel to Mohammed V Avenue (Lagza). It starts at Bab Bouiba and ends at Laalou Avenue. It is a busy street where jewelers, mints merchants, candies rub shoulders. Its particularity is to shelter several zaouïas and whose zaouïa Touhamiya, and Quadiriya.


El Mekki Mosque

Located on Sidi Fateh Street, the Moulay El Mekki Mosque was built in 1907 during the reign of Sultan Alaouïte Abd-el Aziz. The minaret of the mosque of Sidi Fatah is octagonal it is of Turkish inspiration and does not resemble any other in Morocco.

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